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The Texas State Gymnastics club competes in the TGC (Texas Gymnastic Conference) and NAIGC (National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs) conferences. Throughout the year we compete against our fellow texas schools: Texas A&M, University of Texas, Baylor University, Texas Tech University, University of Texas at Dallas and many more.

Each year, students who join the club are encouraged to participate in fundraising such as Gymkatz as well as take on a leading position within the club. All positions are open to new and current members each new year or semester depending of availability. Current positions are:

President & Gymkatz Director: Shelby Olsson | sco8@txstate.edu

Vice President: Leanne Gifford | lng34@txstate.edu

Treasurer: Elyssa Leal | ell27@txstate.edu

Safety Officer: Zelik Montoya | z_m19@txstate.edu



Practice Hours – September 2014 – May 2015

Monday: 7-9pm

Tuesday: 7-9pm

Wednesday: 7-9pm

Thursday: 7-9pm

Each practice will begin with a group warm-up, stretch, and warm-up tumbling in lines.

Practices are not mandatory. You are welcome to come and go from practice as you please.

Competing members are encourage to come to all practice times to ensure safety at competitions.



Club Dues (per semester)

Competitive Members………………………….$300.00

Competitive member dues include:

  • Travel: Gas and Hotel for away competitions
  • Competition Fees: $20+ per competitor plus $10 per team
  • Equipment Expenses
  • Sport Club Expenses

Non-Competitive Members………………………….$150.00

Non Competitive member dues include:

  • Equipment Expenses: Wear and tear each year on the equipment can become very expensive to replace
  • Sport Club Expenses: We have to pay Sports Club Staff to supervise each practice

New to competitions but want to try?………………..$25.00 Competition Entry Fee + Travel

If you start out as a non-competitive member and decided you would like to take a shot at a competition then go for it! All we ask is that you cover the competition fees and travel expenses.

If you then decide you love the competition life style we will ask that you pay the remaining $125.00 to finish out the year as a competitive member.

Dues are to be payed to Elyssa Leal. Late fee is $10. Payment options available, please contact Elyssa: 




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